Board Report (August 2013)

CouchDB submits a board report every quarter. Here’s a copy of our August board report.


Apache CouchDB is a database that uses JSON for documents, JavaScript for MapReduce queries, and regular HTTP for an API.


Recent Activity

  • Support added for latest Erlang/OTP releases.
  • Preparation for 1.4.0 release cycle has begun.
  • Work is underway to document an official project vision.
  • Work is underway to release in Cloudant’s Fauxton overhaul of the CouchDB admin interface.
  • Work is underway to merge in Cloudant’s BigCouch fork which will add clustering capabilities to CouchDB.
  • Work is underway to merge in parts of Benoît Chesneau’s rcouch fork which improves the build system, refactored internal applications, and additional user-facing functionality such as bonjour/zeroconf awareness, global db changes feeds, replications and changes feeds across views.
  • Work is underway on a plugin system, with early results already shared with the community.
  • Cloudant announced the BigCouch merge, generating lots of press activity.
  • Cloudant hosted a CouchDB booth and CouchDB party at OSCON.
  • Cloudant are organising ‘Apache CouchDB Conf, Vancouver’ on November 13th, 2013 (in line with ASF branding and CouchDB PMC cooperation).

Our GitHub comment notifications have not been set up yet, due to lack of progress with necessary infrastructure tasks.


Including the following additions, CouchDB has 28 committers and 9 PMC members.

New committers:

No new PMC members.

Mailing list stats:

  • announce

    • 94 subscribers (+38)
    • 1 message since May (-1)
  • user

    • 1441 subscribers (-15)
    • 496 messages since May (-561)
  • erlang

    • 121 subscribers (+16)
    • 7 messages since May (-7)
  • dev

    • 599 subscribers (-2)
    • 1010 messages since May (-996)
  • commits

    • 107 subscribers (+6)
    • 697 messages since May (-262)


No issues for the board at this time.

Announcing CouchDB Conf in Vancouver

We’re excited to announce the next Apache CouchDB Conf will be in Vancouver, Canada on November 13, 2013. Big thanks to Cloudant to helping to make this happen!

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We’re building the schedule with talks from all corners of the CouchDB community and hope to see you there this fall. This is a follow-up to our CouchDB Conf in Berlin, where we laid the groundwork for the BigCouch merge and other exciting features you’ll hear about in Vancouver (geospatial data and PouchDB for mobile devices to name two).

We’ll be in Vancouver, BC the day before CascadiaJS 2013, which will be held November 14-15. Sign up to get notified when the next batch of CascadiaJS tickets go on sale. The Early Bird tickets sold out in 20 minutes!

There’s lots of crossover between the JavaScript and CouchDB communities. Data-driven web apps and CouchDB makes it a natural fit. So we hope you’ll be able to stick around and experience what both conferences have to offer.

We’ll plan to keep running these Apache CouchDB Confs. Got suggestions? Feedback? Wanna help us with our next one? Get in touch publicly, or privately. You can also tweet us at @CouchDB. Whatever suits!