Board Report (November 2013)

CouchDB submits a board report every quarter. Here’s a copy of our November board report.


Apache CouchDB is a database that uses JSON for documents, JavaScript for MapReduce queries, and regular HTTP for an API.


Recent Activity

  • Finalising the merge of Benoit Chesneau’s rcouch fork.
  • Preparation of CouchCamp Vienna, a community run weekend hackathon.
  • Successful run of CouchDB Conf Vancouver with ~80 attendees, 13 speakers. Videos will be available.
  • Created an I18N list and translation team to drive translation efforts.
  • Passed a proposal on using Influitive to boost our community engagement.


Including the following additions, CouchDB has 29 committers and 9 PMC members.

New committers:

No new PMC members. Most recent PMC addition Nov 9th, 2012.

Mailing list stats:

  • announce
    • 131 subscribers (+37)
    • 2 message since August (+1)
  • user
    • 1431 subscribers (-10)
    • 806 messages since August (+310)
  • erlang
    • 146 subscribers (+25)
    • 22 messages since August (15)
  • dev
    • 606 subscribers (+7)
    • 880 messages since August (-130)
  • commits
    • 105 subscribers (-2)
    • 1041 messages since August (+344)
  • l10n
    • 21 subscribers (+21)
    • 103 messages since August (+103)



CouchDB will go multilingual – looking for contributors!

The Apache CouchDB project is pleased to announce the creation of a localization team. The mailing list has been set up to cover everything l10n- and i18n-related in Apache CouchDB.

The first steps will be to set up some tools to enable easy translation of the documentation and (at a later point) the administration interface (Futon/Fauxton). We are looking for people who want to help out. Would you like to read the CouchDB documentation in another language, and have some time to spare? Please help out! Bonus points if you have experience with translation or localization-related tools and best practices.

We’re just getting started: we have some ideas on how to get started, but we need more help. If you’re interested, please subscribe to and let us know!

Cheers from the Apache CouchDB I10n team