On The CouchDB Community

Jan Lehnardt sent a link to the CouchDB marketing@couchdb.apache.org mailing list where Ari Najarian used CouchDB in a five part course to teach beginners how to program. It’s a great read and I invite you to visit the page.

I would like to slice out one quote from the article where Ari described the CouchDB community:

“The personalities and voices in the CouchDB community are, hands down, the most helpful, generous, welcoming, insightful, ethical, principled, future-minded group of developers I’ve ever encountered in one place. As far as online communities go, you can’t find a safer, more encouraging group of advocates. These people are role models that will help beginners to understand what “open-source” can really be about: social justice, diversity, inclusion, and collaboration.”

This is the reason why I became a part of the Apache CouchDB project – because the community is so awesome.

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