CouchDB Weekly News, March 10, 2015

CouchDB Weekly Meeting (see summary)

  • Fauxton update: the team is currently working on a Mango interface in Fauxton
  • CouchDB logo discussion: a page will be created where all existing logo proposals are comparable and votable
  • CouchDB 2.0: list of blockers is here, and help is needed with testing this PR on your machine and writing feedback into the PR. Recently, an initial draft of the docs for 2.0 has been sent to the mailing list, feedback to this thread is very welcome as well.
  • Work on new website: information will be collected on the new website mailing list (

Major Discussions

CouchDB & Google Summer of Code: request for projects (SEE THREAD)

CouchDB takes part in this Google Summer of Code and they are searching for nice project ideas until the end of next week. If you have an idea for a project, just reply to this thread or create a Jira ticket and add the tag gsoc to it.

Releases in the CouchDB Universe

Use Cases, Questions and Answers

no public answer yet:

For more new questions and answers about CouchDB, see these search results.

Get involved!

If you want to get into working on CouchDB:

  • We have an infinite number of open contributor positions on CouchDB. Submit a pull request and join the project!
  • CouchDB has a new wiki. Help us move content from the old to the new one!
  • Can you help with Web Design, Development or UX for our Admin Console? No Erlang skills required! – Get in touch with us.
  • Do you want to help moving the CouchDB docs translation forward? We’d love to have you in our L10n team! See our current status and languages we’d like to provide CouchDB docs in on this page. If you’d like to help, don’t hesitate to contact the L10n mailing list on or ping Andy Wenk (awenkhh on IRC).

We’d be happy to have you on board!

New Committer

  • Michelle Phung (Apache ID: michellep; IRC nick: michellep) has been elected as a CouchDB committer. Welcome to CouchDB, Michelle!


Time to relax!

  • “I know that the majority of companies truly want to create a more diverse workforce, but I don’t think they know how to ensure that minority candidates like me have a fighting chance to pass their interview process.” – Trying to hire a diverse team of engineers? It’s not just a pipeline issue
  • “One category of reactions that I receive all the time as a programmer that presents as feminine is: No one believes I am a programmer. I can’t tell you how many people, when meeting me and hearing my profession, tell me that I look like a designer, someone in accounting, someone in marketing, anything but a programmer.”Coding like a girl

… and also in the news