CouchDB Weekly News, June 25, 2015

Major Discussions

The new 2.0 build tools just landed in master (see thread)

A CouchDB 2.0 build script, that started in February 11th, was merged June 24th. A major rework was started last week making a new ./configure script that comes with extensive unit tests for the CouchDB project and accepts most of the customisation options of a GNU./configure that behaves according to the GNU Coding Standards. The result is, that CouchDB master and 2.0 will work similar to 1.x when concerning system installation behaviour. Now testing for different systems and configurations can begin. Feedback is highly appreciated.

DB size question (see thread)

A user was asking how to handle significant increase of DB volume and how to configure checkpoint_after, doc_buffer_size? The answer referred to a discussion about DB file size and a setting that helped reduce it: checkpoint_after = 5242880000 doc_buffer_size = 524288000

IP Clearance for couchperuser and docker-couchdb started (see thread)

IP Clearance procedure on general@incubator.a.o. was started and concluded this week.

[DISCUSSION] NMO to ASF (ongoing, SEE thread)

Process to move nmo – a tool to manage CouchDB clusters was written as part of COUCHDB-2598 – to ASF will get started.

SSL with self-signed certificates (see thread)

A user asked how to make CouchDB work with HTTPS and a self-signed certificate. The issues are that, depending on the client, the connection is accepted or refused. The discussion preceded on Stackoverflow. A current solution that was fond to use stunnel in front of CouchDB.

Releases in the CouchDB Universe

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Use Cases, Questions and Answers


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Use Cases, Questions and Answers (PouchDB)

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Time to relax!

  • “It was while Kleiman was an undergraduate studying computer science that she came across a picture of  the first programmable computer, ENIAC. She noticed that while the men in the picture were captioned, the women were not. After making inquiries, she was told, dismissively, that the women were models. Suspicious … she dug and dug until she discovered … these six women were founders who created the first software app and the first sorting machine, and their story might never have been told if she hadn’t noticed something odd about that picture.” – The world’s first app creators
  • “A system with per-page payouts is a system that rewards cliffhangers and mysteries across all genres. It rewards anything that keeps people hooked, even if that means putting less of an emphasis on nuance and complexity.” – What If Authors Were Paid Every Time Someone Turned a Page? Amazon is about to find out.
  • “Most of the time when developing applications, we assume that people have permanent access to a broadband connection, no matter where they are in the world. … Let’s face it, … we are struggling with connectivity issues all the time, be it bad mobile coverage or expensive roaming. So why are most web sites and apps not prepared for that?” – Why offline-first matters, and what developers should know about it
  • “The inclusion of a playable female protagonist Evie Frye in Ubisoft’s Victorian-era proffering Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate is extremely noteworthy, considering the controversy surrounding the release of Assassin’s Creed: Unity back in 2014, which, despite promises made by the publisher, did not feature a lady on the forefront because the developers couldn’t take the time out of their day to design one. (It’s also worth noting that technical director James Therien consistently referred to the hypothetical character as a ‘feature’, because women are obviously only accessories.)”– E3 2015 Showed Strides For Female Representation In Gamer Culture
  • “Those of us who have written, thought, or spoken about this — even in shadowed whispers — need to keep speaking out about call-out culture and toxic activism, both against the ideological purists who tell us we’re providing ammunition to the ‘enemy’ and the professional scapegoaters who seek to farm clicks and book advances off of this issue.” – So You’ve Been Publicly Scapegoated: Why We Must Speak Out On Call-Out Culture
  • “After four years of drawing regularly, I still sucked. I still wasn’t as good as the ones who had been drawing 10 times as often for 10 times as long. I could see that I was moving forward, but I could also see that I wasn’t at the end. On the other hand, I wasn’t at the beginning anymore.” – The damned annoying truth about sucking at things

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