CouchDB Weekly News, April 14, 2016

Results of the 2016 Apache CouchDB Survey

The responses from the 2016 survey on CouchDB have been collected and sorted and you can review the executive summary of responses, as well as the raw collected data. Many thanks to Simone Haas and Jan Lehnardt for their fantastic work on this!

Major Discussions

On dependency management and CI issues associated with it (see thread)

In this discussion Ilya Khlopotov has suggested some potential changes to the workflow to account for CI failures and other issues with outdated dependencies. Other folks have chimed in with responses so it’s a thread worth reviewing.

[Proposal] Change etag calculation (see thread)

Garren Smith is proposing that the etag is generated from the body of the response (typically the document), _rev and attachments for consistency and to account for the fact that the etag would change when a document has changed.

Releases in the CouchDB Universe


Opinions and other News in the CouchDB Universe

… and in the PouchDB Universe

CouchDB Use Cases, Questions and Answers

Use Case:

  • CCouchConnect – This is a simple PHP CouchDB cURL Wrapper, for basic CRUD commands in CouchDB.
  • couch-box – Asymmetric encrypted CouchDB documents, powered by NaCl’s curve25519-xsalsa20-poly1305.

Stack Overflow:

no public answer yet:

PouchDB Use Cases, Questions and Answers

Use Case:

  • noteme – a clone of OSX’s Notes app for Ubuntu and Windows, using PouchDB and Electron

Stack Overflow:

no public answer yet:

For more new questions and answers about CouchDB, see these search results and about PouchDB, see these.

Get involved!

If you want to get into working on CouchDB:

  • We have an infinite number of open contributor positions on CouchDB. Submit a pull request and join the project!
  • Do you want to help us with the work on the new CouchDB website? Get in touch on our new website mailing list and join the website team! –
  • The CouchDB advocate marketing programme is just getting started. Join us in CouchDB’s Advocate Hub!
  • CouchDB has a new wiki. Help us move content from the old to the new one!
  • Can you help with Web Design, Development or UX for our Admin Console? No Erlang skills required! – Get in touch with us.
  • Do you want to help moving the CouchDB docs translation forward? We’d love to have you in our L10n team! See our current status and languages we’d like to provide CouchDB docs in on this page. If you’d like to help, don’t hesitate to contact the L10n mailing list on or ping Andy Wenk (awenkhh on IRC).

We’d be happy to welcome you on board!


Job opportunities for people with CouchDB skills

Time to relax!

  • “The GIF goes from a triangle to a square to a pentagon, hexagon and finally octagon before collapsing back in on itself and starting again to help you reach your moment of Zen. Sometimes that nice, deep breath is all you need to get refreshed and right back to work.” – Watch the soothing GIF that will help you relax in minutes
  • “While it may be counterintuitive to look to the Internet for inner peace and relaxation, the growing popularity of ASMR and online fitness content proves viewers are using the web to better their physical and mental health. The medical community cites many potential health benefits from a regular meditation practice, such as anxiety relief, or reducing the risk of heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease.” – 5 meditation experts to relax with on YouTube
  • “…living in such a connected world, we might have a hard time setting down our phones or otherwise pressing pause. The good news is that our phones can give us a brief sense of relief, too — a little bit of hand-held solace through relaxation and mood-lifting apps aimed toward improving our stress levels.” – Relax with an app: A handy set of hand-held tools to help you breathe
  • “This is amazing at wasting time, and sure to get a few chuckles based on how absurd some images are in their Wikihow articles. It’s quite hard, given that the images tend make approximately 0 sense…” – This Stupidly Hilarious Game Asks You To Guess Wikihow Pages Based On An Image From It
  • “The first time you meet someone, your first thought isn’t ‘How do they function?’ it’s ‘How do they make me feel?’ And when you’re asked about that person later, you describe their personality: ‘She’s relaxed, smart, witty. She makes me laugh.’” – The Future of Design is Emotional

… and also in the news

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