CouchDB Weekly News, October 09, 2014

Weekly CouchDB meeting – (summary)

  • CouchDB 2.0: huge progress has been made, work towards a release will start and the first action items have already been taken up. Currently open tasks and next steps are being discussed in this thread.
  • Fauxton: there’s an ongoing discussion on dev@ mailing list and the work on it is still in progress

Major Discussions

Are attachments duplicated for each revision as well? (see thread)

Question: A user’s documents contain two fields to maintain group associations, – “group” holds the group document id, and “associated” holds the date this document was added to the group. Now they want to be able to know how many documents were added to one or more given groups between two given dates. Their problem now is: when they want to be able to filter by dates, they need to have the date as the key first part. But they also need the group as the first key part in order to aggregate the number of group associations. They now tried two approaches and were now looking for comments on these approaches and possible alternatives.

Answers & approaches:

  • Using a filter by date will also *group* by date.
  • This case needs some additional computation steps. These can be:
  1. a switch to Cloudant’s BigCouch to get chained mapreduce,
  2. or wait for BigCouch integration into Apache CouchDB (in Version 2.0),
  3. or “cheat” and do it with a list.

Releases in the CouchDB Universe

  • node-couchdb 0.3.1 – node.js package to interact with CouchDB
  • boxspring 0.0.4 – a collection of Backbone Model classes for interacting with CouchDB compatible with Browser and Server-Side execution
  • couch-cli 0.0.7 – a little CLI tool for CouchDB webapps

Opinions and other News in the CouchDB Universe

Use Cases, Questions and Answers

No public answer yet:

For more new questions and answers about CouchDB, see these search results.

Get involved!

If you want to get into working on CouchDB:

  • We have an infinite number of open contributor positions on CouchDB. Submit a pull request and join the project!
  • Can you help with Web Design, Development or UX for our Admin Console? No Erlang skills required! – Get in touch with us.
  • Do you want to help moving the CouchDB docs translation forward? We’d love to have you in our L10n team! See our current status and languages we’d like to provide CouchDB docs in on this page. If you’d like to help, don’t hesitate to contact the L10n mailing list on or ping Andy Wenk (awenkhh on IRC).

We’d be happy to have you!


Time to relax!

  • “Remember, while perfection may ideal, it is ok to treat it as the elusive unicorn and settle for good.”Your best is good enough
  • “As technical community managers we are faced with a unique set of challenges. Like most FOSS community members, we’re often volunteers, but the work we do in moderating mailing lists, planning events, fielding project feedback and contributions, and being the public face of our communities can take an additional emotional toll. We do it because we love our communities, but we also are often guilty of neglecting our own very real needs in order to serve those communities. We end up feeling guilty, run down, inadequate, and ultimately burnt out.” – Avoiding Burnout, and other essentials of Open Source Self-Care (talk video with slides)
  • “I want to be the absolute best version of myself for the people in my life and I’ve come to believe that mental health is central to that.” – I quit Caffeine
  • [TW: Depression] “The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. It’s a very mean and nasty place and I don’t care how tough you are it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it.”Motivation

… and also in the news

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