CouchDB Weekly News, April 23, 2015

CouchDB Weekly Meeting (see summary)

  • Fauxton: New features – Active Tasks layout (more changes to come), auto updater in Changes tab, press escape key to dismiss the notifications in fauxton.
  • nano contribution to the Apache Software Foundation: incubator IP clearance and a vote over Contributors Licensing Agreement to come
  • couchperuser: run IP clearance, research idea to create a markdown2ipclearance.xml script
  • couchdb-docker: run IP clearance
  • _bulk _get: backport couch implementation for json api, review and merge iilyak work on multipart api, finish /db/_bulk_get to match couchbase implementation.
  • build script: help is needed to fix issue, especially with Windows support
  • CouchDB 2.0 status: work is making progress. Bug fix in a branch of cassim, but other things (deleted docs, conflict handling) need to be addressed in the same code path. Cluster solution for config on backport needed, tbd on dev@.
  • Other topics: see summary

Major Discussions

[Result] [Vote] CouchDB Logo – Round #3) (see thread)

  • Constantin Angheloiu: 15.5
  • Paul Davis: 9.5
  • Old CouchDb logo: 2

See the whole vote results as CSV.
New logo and tweak options are being discussed in the PMC and on marketing@.

[DISCUSSION] Move Fauxton to its own mailing list? (see thread)

It was decided by consensus that a new mailing list notifications@ is established to outsource JIRA tickets and GH traffic and other automated notifications from dev@ to make the conversation here more “human”. Subscribe by writing an e-mail.

How to use an included document’s key? (see thread)

Question: A user asked how to use an included document and know the
“value of ancestor” for an application for pharmacists to keep track of their patients medication?

Answer: It has been suggested to use event elements to have one document for each patient visits to the pharmacy.

Cancel a replication? (see thread)

Question: A user asked how to cancel a replication if there is no document in the _replication database?

Answer: The aim of the replication is that at the end of the process, all active documents on the source database are also in the destination database and all documents that were deleted in the source databases are also deleted on the destination database as stated in the documentation.

Trying CouchDB 2.0 (see thread)

Question: A user wants to test CouchDB 2.0 on a cluster of three mashines and is facing issues with the Fauxton config and wants to know a way to manually fix it.

Answer: Ensure that admin credentials, couchdb/secret and erlang cookie are the same on all three nodes. Otherwise they won’t connect each other. Also, interact with /_cluster_setup with curl for now – a Fauxton update in on the way. If you rung it with dev/run script it automatizes these routines.

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  • “Those in power think that they’re being fair. They also believe they’ve reached the top of their field because they are better and smarter than others. Any challenge to these beliefs feels like a personal attack, and is met with a circular logic that reinforces the comfortable assumption that they sit atop a meritocracy.” – Now What? How to Create Fair Companies after the Ellen Pao Verdict
  • “As developers we seem to have a tendency to get really religious about frameworks. We invest a bunch of time learning a tool and then hold onto it tightly. But, it doesn’t really buy us anything to be religious about tools. Simply converting to another big framework doesn’t protect us from a similar situation in the future, does it?” – Optimize for change. It’s the only constant.
  • “A great decision is often not a revolutionary move. We were doing the technical work to enable this already. The team wanted to be deploying more frequently. All I did was provide the push, to raise the bar just a little bit higher and express my confidence that we would easily clear it. ” – The Best Decision I Made in 2014
  • “Friends and family are the first line of support for people with emotional problems. While it is wonderful to be trusted, this often creates anxiety and dilemmas. Friends worry they will say the wrong thing. Tolerating another person’s pain and distress can be difficult. While there is no one right technique for every situation, here are some tips to keep in mind.” – How to be a friend

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