CouchDB Weekly News, November 17, 2016

Releases in the CouchDB Universe


Opinions and other News in the CouchDB Universe

CouchDB Use Cases, Questions and Answers

Use Case:

Stack Overflow:

no public answer yet:

PouchDB Use Cases, Questions and Answers

Stack Overflow:

no public answer yet:

For more new questions and answers about CouchDB, see these search results and about PouchDB, see these.

Get involved!

If you want to get into working on CouchDB:

  • We have an infinite number of open contributor positions on CouchDB. Submit a pull request and join the project!
  • Do you want to help us with the work on the new CouchDB website? Get in touch on our new website mailing list and join the website team! –
  • The CouchDB advocate marketing programme is just getting started. Join us in CouchDB’s Advocate Hub!
  • CouchDB has a new wiki. Help us move content from the old to the new one!
  • Can you help with Web Design, Development or UX for our Admin Console? No Erlang skills required! – Get in touch with us.
  • Do you want to help moving the CouchDB docs translation forward? We’d love to have you in our L10n team! See our current status and languages we’d like to provide CouchDB docs in on this page. If you’d like to help, don’t hesitate to contact the L10n mailing list on or ping Andy Wenk (awenkhh on IRC).

We’d be happy to welcome you on board!


Job opportunities for people with CouchDB skills

Time to relax!

  • “After Trump’s election win, the general cottage industry of goofy Joe Biden memes took on a more pointed theme, namely, whatever irreverent thoughts Biden may be thinking now that his lease in the White House is almost up. It’s funny, but also a little sad, because clearly Obama/Biden/Clinton fans are taking out their election frustration by concocting what amounts to massively nerdy presidential revenge fan fiction.” – The 11 best Joe Biden memes as America says bye to its Uncle-in-Chief
  • “Following Tuesday’s election, one thing is clear: Many people are feeling sad, stressed or even downright scared. Apps to the rescue. If you need help calming down, these apps could help lift your spirits, or at least temporarily forget about the results.” – 8 apps to help you relax after the election
  • “After speaking with many people and reading a lot of forums, I’ve found that, while general anxiety may be something most of us can “cope” with, whether it be through a prescription, holistic medicine, or mental and physical practices, there are times when panic attacks momentarily throw all that coping out the window.” – 20 Calming & Positive Affirmations For When An Anxiety Attack Strikes
  • “Now, our suggested remedy for Election Stress Disorder is by no means a cure. Allowing Bob Ross, host of the epic PBS series “The Joy of Painting,” to guide you through a Majestic Mountain tutorial is akin to listening to arbitrarily soothing ambient noises thanks to a random YouTube channel. The science behind ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) videos ― intended to lull their audience into a tingly state of momentary pleasure ― is slim.” – Extremely Calming Bob Ross Episodes To Get You Through This Election
  • “While studies have shown a link between aromatherapy and improved mental health, this isn’t a story about science: It’s a story about feelings — and Rosie By Rosie Jane makes me feel really, really good. Clean, unadulterated scents are the bedrock of By Rosie fragrances. Created by a makeup artist who wanted an inoffensive scent to wear while working in close proximity to her clients, the brand’s hallmark fresh fragrance, Leila Lou (which I once described as a perfume that smells “like a grassy spring day”) was born.” – The Soothing Scent for When You’re Mad As Hell

… and also in the news

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