CouchDB Weekly News, February 2, 2017

Releases in the CouchDB Universe

  • couchdb-promises 2.0.0 – ES6 promises-based CouchDB client
  • davenport 1.1.1 – A CouchDB client for simplifying common tasks like get, list, create, update and delete. Comes complete with full TypeScript definitions.
  • rest-on-couch 3.5.0 – Interface to CouchDB that allows the control of permissions on the documents
  • rom-couchdb 3.0.0 (Ruby Gem) – CouchDB support for ROM


Opinions and other News in the CouchDB Universe

… and in the PouchDB Universe

CouchDB Use Cases, Questions and Answers

Stack Overflow:

no public answer yet:

PouchDB Use Cases, Questions and Answers

Stack Overflow:

no public answer yet:

For more new questions and answers about CouchDB, see these search results and about PouchDB, see these.

Get involved!

If you want to get into working on CouchDB:

  • We have an infinite number of open contributor positions on CouchDB. Submit a pull request and join the project!
  • Do you want to help us with the work on the new CouchDB website? Get in touch on our new website mailing list and join the website team! –
  • The CouchDB advocate marketing programme is just getting started. Join us in CouchDB’s Advocate Hub!
  • CouchDB has a new wiki. Help us move content from the old to the new one!
  • Can you help with Web Design, Development or UX for our Admin Console? No Erlang skills required! – Get in touch with us.
  • Do you want to help moving the CouchDB docs translation forward? We’d love to have you in our L10n team! See our current status and languages we’d like to provide CouchDB docs in on this page. If you’d like to help, don’t hesitate to contact the L10n mailing list on or ping Andy Wenk (awenkhh on IRC).

We’d be happy to welcome you on board!


Job opportunities for people with CouchDB skills

Time to relax!

  • “It is more like ordered chaos. The patterns of the currents, like the branches in lungs and neurons, are fractal, which means they repeat at different scales.” – Why Fractals Are So Soothing
  • “In other words, if cortisol levels increase, and stressed-out you does nothing about it, it will build up and lead to a host of problems, including depression and mental illness. Basically, you’re stuck in a cycle of stress and thirst.” – Here’s Why You NEED to Drink Water When You’re Stressed
  • “I heard Frank Sinatra say to Larry King that he got nervous every time he walked out on stage, but he said that nervousness would always go away within a few minutes. Carly Simon famously quit doing live concerts and Carol King had to get help with her anxiety before she could return to the stage. So, just to be crystal clear: Frank suffered from nervousness and Carly and Carol had anxiety.” – What’s the difference between anxiety, nervousness and stress?
  • “Marveling at the amount of tension his prey seemed to be carrying around with him, a 12-foot-long Burmese python was reportedly shocked Wednesday at how much stress a local man was holding in his gradually constricting neck. ‘Geez, it’s like one huge knot in there,’ said the 300-pound reptile, also noting as it coiled itself with increasing force around the man’s torso that his shoulders were ‘like rocks—just giant lumps of tightness.’” – Burmese Python Shocked At Amount Of Stress Man Holding In His Neck
  • “In otona maki, however, adults aren’t wrapped like little baby burritos; instead, they’re tied in a sheet in what looks like a cross between the happy baby and wind-relieving yoga pose. Once in the sheet, the participants are rocked gently from side to side.” – ‘Adult wrapping’ is the new Japanese relaxation trend where you get swaddled like a baby

… and also in the news

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