Open Source Your Summer!

Phew! We’re back!

The CouchDB blog has been on hibernation hiatus for the last few months but have no fear–Summer is Coming! and the blog is back in action (take that, GoT).

To kickstart the content, let’s talk about a core element of the CouchDB universe: open source.

A Matter of Course

Here it is, straight from the CouchDB Apache homepage:

We welcome your contributions. CouchDB is an open source project. Everything, from this website to the core of the database itself, has been contributed by helpful individuals. The time and attention of our contributors is our most precious resource, and we always need more of it. Our primary goal is to build a welcoming, supporting, inclusive and diverse community. We abide by Code of Conduct and a set of Project Bylaws. Come join us!

Last year, CouchDB users shared their experience and expertise with Developer Profiles and Case Studies. And we learned so much! Big shout out and thanks to Nick VatamaniucGlynn BirdPaul DavisJoan TouzetGarren SmithNolan LawsonMichelle PhungGeoffrey Cox, Stefan du FresneGregory (MadPink) Miller, Assaf Morami, Patrick Wolf, Adam Butler, and David Squire.

Want to Contribute to CouchDB?

Stay tuned for the 2018 CouchDB User Survey, coming your way soon. (It includes a specific spot where you can let us know you’d like to be interviewed for the blog, hint hint.) In the meantime, there are so many ways you can get involved with your CouchDB community.
  • Documentation. Docs can be improved indefinitely. If you’ve got a flair for technical writing, help us make the docs clearer, better structured, or even translate them.

We hope you’ll pull up a sofa cushion and take a seat at the community table–all are welcome.

Let’s All Be More Open

Open source is more than just software, it’s a frame of mind–and it’s changing the world. Groups like look to apply the powerful model of openness to the world beyond technology and, like software, change it for the better. Here are some key tenants they call The Open Source Way:

Open exchange
We can learn more from each other when information is open. A free exchange of ideas is critical to creating an environment where people are allowed to learn and use existing information toward creating new ideas.

When we are free to collaborate, we create. We can solve problems that no one person may be able to solve on their own.

Rapid prototyping
Rapid prototypes can lead to rapid failures, but that leads to better solutions found faster. When you’re free to experiment, you can look at problems in new ways and look for answers in new places. You can learn by doing.

In a meritocracy, the best ideas win. In a meritocracy, everyone has access to the same information. Successful work determines which projects rise and gather effort from the community.

Communities are formed around a common purpose. They bring together diverse ideas and share work. Together, a global community can create beyond the capabilities of any one individual. It multiplies effort and shares the work. Together, we can do more.

We’re all on this couch together!

We’ve got more great content coming your way. Please consider joining the fun! If there’s content you’d like to contribute or something you’d like to see covered on the CouchDB blog, we would love to accommodate. Email us!

For more about CouchDB visit or follow us on Twitter at @couchdb

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