It’s Friday, so Just Relax™

“Rest and be thankful.”

— William Wadsworth

Every once in a while, complaining is a great way to relieve stress and let off steam, especially with others who share your frustrations. Misery does loves company after all. But that can easily turn into cynicism and bitterness or a tendency to look for the worst in everything and everyone. If you find yourself succumbing to negativity, try this simple exercise to get back on track: after a few calming breaths, grab a pen and paper. Take five minutes to write down as many good things in your life as you can. Don’t stop until the time is up. When you’re done, take a look at what you’ve written. Chances are, your life is a lot better than you think. When the going gets tough, find your way to gratitude. 

Time to relax

Enjoy your weekend 🙂

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