CouchDB is on Slack

CouchDB now has a Slack channel, where anyone interested in CouchDB can ask questions or get involved in the project. To join, you can sign up on our website.

We are always looking to make it easier for people to use CouchDB and to get involved in the CouchDB community, and we believe that a Slack channel will really help us to do this. CouchDB has always had chat channels on IRC, and while they have worked really well, we have noticed that IRC can present a barrier for some people looking to get involved. So we followed the example of our friends over at PouchDB and Hoodie, who have reported that their user participation has increased significantly with the introduction of a Slack channel.

Love IRC and I want to keep using it? No problem, we have you covered. There is a Slack to IRC bridge in place. So whether you choose to use Slack or IRC, you can still communicate with everyone on both platforms. Currently the bridge links the Slack #general channel to the #couchdb IRC channel.

So sign up on the website and get Slacking… or IRC’ing!

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