CouchDB 2.1.0 is right around the corner

If you’ve been following along on the CouchDB mailing list (it seems like a release is “any day now”), you might have noticed that activity around getting version 2.1 release candidate out has been ramping up! Especially in the wake of the recent 2.1 Bug Review meeting.

If you follow along on GitHub, you’ll see that the team has worked through 90% of the 2.1.0 milestone with less than 5 bugs or issues left to complete before we deliver the release candidate to the CouchDB community.

If you only follow the blog, you can sign up for a number of CouchDB mailing lists, including Announcements, the Developer list, and the User list, just to name a few. To track our progress on GitHub, simply “Watch” or “Star” the official Apache CouchDB repository.

If everything goes to plan, next week we’ll have an announcement for the 2.1 release candidate, so watch this space, or any number of the others mentioned above, for the coming details.

One thought on “CouchDB 2.1.0 is right around the corner

  1. CouchDB Weekly News, August 3, 2017 – CouchDB Blog

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