Couch of Ages: Origin of the Living Room


It’s hard to imagine a home without a living room, but there was a time when this lynchpin of comfort and camaraderie did not exist, at least not as we know it.

Crude medieval common rooms became drawing rooms, entertainment central for Georgian and Victorian bourgeoisie. When royals, politicians, and other well to dos decided they needed a place to decompress and have some “me” time after a long, stressful day, the modern living room was born.

As with most trends, this one trickled down to the masses in no time. Average folks took to the living room as a haven for relaxation and chit-chat, a cozy spot for casual fun. This latest craze inspired bold new couches that still exist today: the delicate cabriole and the camelback sofa with its trademark hump and exposed wood legs. It also led to the invention of the coiled spring, a breakthrough in comfort and design.

Today, the living room has become an irreplaceable staple of R&R. It is where we plop down after a hard day at work, spend time with our families, and gear up for the big game. The living room is sanctum sanctorum and social gathering space all in one—and we wouldn’t have it any other way.  


Sometimes you’ve just got to relax and have a bit of fun. Stay tuned for more from the Couch of Ages blog series and please, feel free to email us if there’s something you’d like to see covered in this space. Have a great day and try to find a bit of time to relax.  

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